My fun drawings are also of people's pets. After I made the large pet portraits to be "not quite so comical", I started having fun doing them like this - looking funny and bit kooky.

I start with a digital photo and then I roughly draw them keeping them as simple as possible. I then scan that drawing and take it into Adobe FreeHand were I draw the lines. I then have them printed as 4" x 4" cards and sell them with pretty coloured envelopes. And again these are vector based art so could be printed large and not loose line quality.

I really have fun doing these - hope they make you smile too.

Marissa card Napoleon card Tessie card
rosie card elsa card gryphon card
ella card koby card jack card
basil card tanner card ginger card
Copyright © 2012 Carole Havercroft/Gryphon Art & Crafts
fun pet cards

From left to right:
Marissa, Napoleon and Tessie





Rosie, Elsa and Gryphon





Ella, Koby and Jack





Basil (as a puppy), Tanner and Ginger


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