My illustrations are primarily created as digital art, on the computer, originating from photographs.

I draw these from a digital photograph, working in an industry standard Vector based programme. Vector files are resolution independent and mathematically based, so they can be printed at ANY SIZE and not lose resolution or detail.

When I do a commissioned Pet Portrait I supply an unframed quality print AND the original Digital Artwork file on CD, so people can have them printed as cards or a large piece or whatever they want.

I am pretty proud to say that I won first prize for Digital Art with the portraits of Rosie, Gryphon and Jack a couple of years back at the Bermuda Tech Art exhibition and I also just won the 2010 Tech Art in the same category again, with the portrait of Liam.

If you would like your pet's portrait done, in either style please get in touch.

My work is categorised by type. Please click on the buttons on the left to take you to my work.

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