My pet portraits are all of people's pets - mainly dogs I know. They are inspired from the love and humour that they bring to our lives.

My first pet portraits (way back) where in coloured pencil - but now I spend so much time on the computer it seemed a natural progression.

They started off much more comical but I quickly learned that many people don't want a portrait that is too funny - they want a more loving memory.

I try to include something that is personal about each pet; Rosie was always our funny Princess, so she has a little crown; Gryphon loved his sofa so of course he is on that; Koby who used to stay with us always brought his blanket; Liam often had that "far-away" Deerhound look in his eyes and Ella often has a lizard (much to my disgust).

I also put an emphasis on the eyes and noses by enlarging them, to create a little love and humour.

To view the portraits click on the buttons to the right. I've included some of the photos that were used to create them - they often come from more than one. I prefer to take my own photos for these drawings but sometimes that is impossible.

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