Tea Towels

My latest Tea Towel is Bermuda's Parishs which I'm very excited about. It took a huge amount of time research and creative time and I'm alos looking at publishing cards of each Parish Crest. This sell for the same as the 12 Days of Christmas Towel at $25.

Bda's Parishs

Bermuda Critter designs Tea Towels, the Parrotfish, Bermuda Longtail, the Turtles and Monarch Butterfiles sell for $20.



Trtles Tea towel


The Bermuda Flag is also popular and retails at $20
bda flag tea towel

Bermuda Bar Towel is a poly/cotton Terrycloth that sells for $15BdaBarTowel

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12 Days of Christmas Bermuda Style Tea Towel
All the illustrations for the 12 Days of Christmas Bermuda Style were designed by me. These are silk screen printing. Click on the image below to view a larger version.

12 TT small

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